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I absolutely love this time of year! Christmas is my favorite holiday. Christmas BEGINS, the day after Halloween!!! Yes, I am one of those people! (drives the hubby nuts I know! )

Here are some photos from a cozy winter photoshoot done by my wonderful, talented friend Cassie + I am obsessed with them!!! My babies are growing up so fast! Russ is 8 months in a couple of days and Kenny is already 28 months . Where has the time gone!

Anyways, enjoy some cute photos! Happy Monday friends! ♡♡


Cassie Johnson Photography


My smiley, sweet Russ. He loves the camera.

Kenny girl is my wild child. She usually is so hard to photograph. But was in an amazing mood. She is growing up so fast!!!! Looking a lot more like her mama :)

Now while Kenny goes + watches Blippi, mama + Russ take some quick snapshots. These turned out beautifully!!!

Bribing Kenny with some fruit snacks

Us in a nutshell!!!! I love my babies so much. They bring me so much joy!!!!!


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